Maui Wildfires

At least six people have been killed in wildfires in Hawaii, and homes have been destroyed.

The storm that fueled the Maui wildfires in Hawaii set a pattern late Tuesday, forcing evacuations and cutting off electricity in several communities as firefighters struggled to reach some places cut off by fallen trees and power lines. Hurricane Dora crosses the southern island 500 miles (805 km) away, producing winds of more than 97 km/h (60 mph), causing the fires to flash with lightning, the National Weather Service said. At night, buildings were destroyed, and helicopters were set on fire.

Governor Sylvia Luke issues an emergency statement on behalf of Governor Josh Green and mobilizes the Hawaiian National Guard. Maui firefighters are battling several fires located in two areas: the popular tourist destination of West Maui and the inland mountains. Maui County spokesperson Mahina Martin said in a phone call Tuesday night that it was unclear how many homes were damaged.

Firefighters will look toward downed trees and power lines as they put out the fire from the ground, as the storm prevented the helicopter from spraying water on the flames from the air or measuring the fire more precisely, he said.

Hawaiian Electric announced Tuesday night that nearly 13,000 customers in Maui had been powered off.

“It has been a very difficult day for our island, with many fires in many places and many evacuations,” said Martin.

Winds of 80 mph (129 km/h) were recorded on Maui land, and the fire, believed to have started early on Tuesday, resurfaced an hour later with strong winds, he added. “The fire could be a mile or more from your home, but it could be in your home in a minute or two,” said Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Gisey.

Honolulu-based meteorologist Jeff Powell said Hawaii is stuck between the high pressure in the north and the low-pressure system associated with Dora. Dry winds and storms “create a dangerous heatwave, so Maui wildfires can grow quickly and out of control,” he said.

“It seems to be caused by Hurricane Dora, but it is not a direct result,” said the official, adding that the fire was “the result of a storm”.
Maui Mayor Richard Bissen said at least two homes were destroyed in the fire, which burned about 1,100 acres (1.7 square miles or 4.5 square kilometers) of land. He said about 80 people were evacuated from 40 buildings.

Big Island Governor Mitch Roth said of the evacuation of 400 homes in four communities in the north of the island: “We are working hard to protect homes in our communities.”
He said that on Tuesday, the roof of one of the houses was on fire.

Fires in Hawaii (Maui wildfires) are not as common as in the Western United States. They tend to erupt in savannas on the dry side of the island and are usually smaller than ground fires.

Before humans arrived, fires were rare in Hawaii and other tropical regions, and local ecosystems thrived in the absence of fire. This means that when fires break out they can cause serious damage to the environment. For example, fire can cause vegetation to disappear. When Maui wildfires are accompanied by heavy rain, the rain can carry loose soil into the ocean, causing suffocating coral reefs.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency communications director Adam Weintraub said Oahu, where Honolulu is located, still has blackouts, downed power lines, and traffic problems.
Powell said the weather service has issued a hurricane warning for dangerously hot weather.

These conditions are expected to continue through Tuesday with some coverage on Wednesday and Thursday.


Where is Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii belongs to the United States of America. August 21, 1959, marked the 50th anniversary of Hawaii becoming a state of the United States. Hawaii is a group of volcanic islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Where is Maui Island situated in Hawaii?

Maui is the second largest island in the state of Hawaii and is located in the US state of Hawaii in Maui County. In Hawaii, Maui is the second largest island with an area of ​​727.2 square miles. Of the four islands in Maui County, the island is the largest in a U.S. state and the 17th largest. With a total population of 1,68,307 in 2020, the island’s population has increased significantly since 2007.

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