House fire leaves 4 dead

House fire leaves 4 dead-Two adults and two children were found dead in a “serious incident” in a house fire in Seattle, Washington, on Saturday, police said. At 8:41pm, the Seattle Police Department received a call from an 11-year-old girl saying she was in the middle of 48th Street and someone had died in the house at the intersection of Whitman Avenue.

Diaz said the police arrived on the scene within five minutes and found the person in front of the barricaded door and his house on fire. The Seattle Fire Department was called in for help.

House fire leaves 4 dead

Firefighters were dispatched to the fire scene in “critical condition”. Scoggins said most fires started in front of the house and were extinguished within 45 minutes.

The fire department can then search the building. The Fire Brigade found one person dead inside the house, including babies and a child, in front of the house and one person behind the house. Scoggins said he was dead too. Scoggins said the dog’s body was also found inside the house.

The 11-year-old girl escaped from the house by running through a window, and a neighbor called the police, Diaz said. She said authorities are working to reunite her with other family members. The name and age of the deceased were not disclosed.

House fire leaves 4 dead

Diaz said the coroner is still trying to determine the cause of death. Police said they knew who was in the house but were trying to determine if they were the dead. Scoggins said the cause of the fire was not determined, but arson investigators were at the scene.

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