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In a video Selena Gomez shared on her Instagram story, she is seen singing “Love” while hugging her sister. Gomez also showed off the nighttime look in a gray “Eras” tour hoodie and reverse baseball cap. Fans even stole footage of the singer dancing with “22”.

Selena Gomez and Swift have been friends for much of a decade after the duo first became involved with the Jonas Brothers. “We met the Jonas Brothers,” she said in 2017.

Taylor was the girl with the big curly hair, the bracelet, and the cowboy boots. I went upstairs and we got a deal. It was the best thing we got out of the relationship. It’s here.”

Jonah even said that Swift’s brothers are unlikely to attend, but Swift’s Los Angeles.

There’s no shortage of star power on the show. Joining him are Emma Stone, Sarah Paulson, Austin Butler, Kaia Gerber, Laura Dern, Cameron Diaz, and Channing Tatum (he’s giving his last concert in town tonight), among others.

Selena Gomez (along with Gigi Hadid and many other stars) joined Swiftie throughout the concert. In another Instagram story, Gomez showed off a bunch of friendship pearls that have become a swap for Swift’s fans on their show. “Thank you to the fans who traded with me,” she wrote in the post.

This isn’t the first time Selena Gomez has supported Swift — she caught a glimpse of the singer late at night during a break in Arlington, Texas in April.

Selena Gomez wrote on Instagram at the time, “Thank you, dear friend, for bringing me and my daughter into your mysterious, happy and special world.” “It’s an honor for you! I love you forever.”

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