Maui wildfire

The death toll from the Maui wildfire has risen to 80-More evacuations were ordered in the area west of Kaanapali, while the death toll in a forest fire on the Hawaiian island of Maui has reached 80.

The latest in a series of Maui wildfires burning across the island led to the evacuation of the Kaanapali community on Friday night, the Maui Police Department announced on social media.

Maui County said late Friday that the death toll on the island had risen to 80, and officials believed the wildfire could be the worst disaster in history. Earlier in the day, 14,900 tourists were said to have flown out of Maui on Thursday.The mayor of Maui County is Richard Bissen Jr., 

He said that cadaver dogs were sent to find the dead.

Governor Josh Green warned that the death toll might increase as search and rescue efforts continue.
Most survivors of the fire said that they did not hear the noise or received any warning, were given adequate time to prepare, and only knew they were in danger when they saw the flames or heard the explosion. Authorities have sent alerts to cell phones, televisions, and radios, but high-power consumption and cell phone usage will limit the alert’s reach.

Hawaii officials said on Friday that the death toll from last week’s wildfires in the Maui region has risen to 80.

Authorities have imposed a curfew from 22:00. Saturday at 6 am.

“The way back will be difficult, but we want people to go home and do the best security checks because it’s very dangerous,” Green told Hawaii News to Current Nature.

Maui County Mayor Richard Bee Richard Bissen Jr. said that cadaver dogs were sent to find the dead.

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