Burning Man festival attendees

Burning Man festival attendees -Thousands of people were stranded at Burning Man in the Nevada desert as heavy rains flooded the area and created thick, ankle-deep mud that stuck to drivers’ shoes and car tires. As the storm flooded the area, attendees were told to stay in place as officials were forced to enter and exit the festival and halt stocks of food, water, and fuel in the Black Rock Desert. “A little over 70,000 people” are still incarcerated on Saturday, Nathan Carmichael, the sheriff’s deputy for Pershing County, spoke with the media. 

Some people left the area but “most of the caravans remained in place,” he said. Activists on Sunday morning said the roads were still closed due to the “very wet and muddy” and uncertain weather. Organizers said on the event’s website that some vehicles managed to escape, while others got stuck in the mud. “Please don’t drive right now,” they added. “We will tell you the status of the driving restriction once we leave the front zone.”

In a short time, the rain can rise up to 0.8 cm. 24 hours from Friday to Saturday morning. Heavy rains on the dry desert floor raised the clay-like mud, which festival attendees say is difficult to navigate on foot or by bike.

 Burning Man officials said on Sunday night that officials had confirmed that the deaths at Saturday’s festival were “not weather-related”.  Authorities said on Friday emergency workers received a call about a 40-year-old man but could not resuscitate him and gave no further details. 

Playa is a term used to describe a dry lake. In the desert, water evaporates more than it falls, and even a tiny amount of rain can affect large areas.  Congregations early Sunday announced plans to burn people on Sunday night, weather permitting, the last of the significant festival’s bonfires. However, organizers said the burning was scheduled for Monday night, “because of Sunday’s rain and mud and the inability to safely transport heavy equipment and fire safely in the area.”

Burning Man festival attendees-More information coming soon.

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