Russia said recent NATO talks showed the Western military alliance was returning to “cold war preparations” and that Moscow was ready to respond “at any cost” to these threats. The statements from Russia came after US President Joe Biden said at the end of Wednesday’s NATO meeting that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a “negative attitude towards land and power” and was interrupted. Ukraine condemned the entire military bloc that supported the Resolution…Know more on (In response to NATO’s return to Cold War strategies, Russia warns of retaliation).

Biden, at the end of the two-day meeting in the Lithuanian city of “Putin and his ruthless desire for land and energy declared war on Ukraine, bids for NATO to leave … but he thinks it is wrong” Vilnius.

“NATO is stronger, stronger and more united than anywhere else in history. It is even more important for our future,” he said. In a statement released late Wednesday, Russia’s foreign ministry said it would “carefully review” the results of the NATO summit to understand threats to Russian security.

In the statement made by the Ministry, “Taking into account the problems and threats to Russia’s security and interests, we will respond in a timely and appropriate manner with all the methods and methods at our disposal.”

Stating that the Western powers have decided to divide the world into “democracy and freedom”, the ministry said “the cross of this right is directed towards Russia”.

The main office said that NATO lowered the threshold for the use of force while making political and military increases by providing Ukraine with stronger and more powerful weapons.

“As the conflict escalated, they made a series of new commitments to supply the Kiev government with more modern weapons in order to prolong the conflict as much as possible. Until all is over.” .
Russia will respond by strengthening “the country’s military organization and defense system.”

NATO meeting started with the news that Turkey would accept Sweden’s entry into a military alliance after months of opposition. The meeting ended Wednesday with the United States and its allies proposing new security measures to Ukraine to guard against Russia.

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