India vs. Pakistan match

India vs. Pakistan Match-Former Indian captain and coach Ravi Shastri believes that India will have an edge in the much-awaited Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan. However, he has expressed hope of a close contest.

Shastri said that Pakistan is now a better team than before and the gap between the two teams has also reduced, but the strong Indian XI and the experience of captain Rohit Sharma gives India the edge.

He said, “I would say that the Indian team is still the favorite. It is the strongest team in India since 2011. They have an experienced captain and some great players who understand the conditions in the best possible way.

However, in the last few years, over time, Pakistan has improved itself and has reduced the gap between the two teams. Seven-eight years back there was a huge gap between the players of both the teams. Now they (Pakistan) are the better team, so India has to Gotta show the best game.”

Shastri also believes that in this high-pressure India vs. Pakistan Match, the temperament of the players is more important than their form. This will make a difference in the match. He said, “It is very important that you keep calm and take it like any other match.

You do not have to overhype this match in your mind. However, it is also true that the pressure of this match is there in the mind of the players. So those players who are mentally strong can do well, even if they are not in good form for last three or six months. Pakistan’s players are very good. But the one who can handle the pressure, and keep calm, that’s it. Will make a bet on this big occasion.”

Ravi Shastri: Convert good starts into big scores like Babar

Shastri believes that to perform well in such matches, players will have to adopt the approach of Babar Azam, who scored his 19th ODI century against Nepal in the first match of the Asia Cup.

Shastri said, “Babar converts the start of 30 and 40 into centuries, which is very important. We always say that you go to the crease, spend time, and make your innings big. If any of your top three If batsmen score a century, then you will definitely score above 300.

Fielding is also very important in such matches. You have to see which team is fielding well. Sri Lanka won the last Asia Cup only on the basis of good fielding. They have been the best fielding side in the subcontinent since 1996.”

India vs. Pakistan Match-More details coming soon.

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