Three consecutive days of Russian drone and missile attacks on Kiev and other Ukrainian territory killed at least one person, injured many and damaged property. Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko said that one person was killed and four injured in the night air strike in the Ukrainian capital. Know more about (Deadly Drone Strikes in Kyiv Ukraine)

Klitschko added in Telegram that firefighters found dead people in Kiev’s Podil district, two injured people were taken to hospital. Klitschko said the buildings were also damaged.

The head of the Kiev military administration, Serhiy Popko, said that about a dozen Iranian-made UAVs were shot down in the city overnight. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said that the drone crashed in four districts of Kiev.

Separately, Ukraine’s air defense said it shot down a total of 20 drones targeting Kiev and other parts of Ukraine. It also destroyed two Kalibr cruise missiles launched from the Black Sea and an Iskander cruise missile launched from Russia in Crimea.

Air defense spokesman Yuriy Ihnat told state television, “We have completed air defense operations.”

“The martyrs were destroyed – all the flies were killed.

According to local officials, a large number of unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles were shot down in the Nikolaev and Khmelnitsky districts. A two-day military, important meeting for Kiev began in Vilnius, Lithuania, about 260 kilometers from Russia and 30 kilometers from Moscow’s ally, Belarus. .
Ukrainian military spokesman Serhiy Cherevatiy stated that the Ukrainian army was fighting in Bakmut on 12 July, “At a fair pace, they still hold the initiative.

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