Hurricane Idalia Storm

Hurricane Idalia Storm -Idalia hit Florida early Wednesday, unleashing a devastating Category 3 storm that brought torrential rain, strong winds, and heavy storms to the Sunshine State. According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Adalia made landfall along Florida’s Great Bend and recorded winds of 195 miles per hour; making it the strongest hurricane to hit the region in more than 120 years. Coastal areas such as Horseshoe Beach, Keaton Beach, Cedar Island, and Stan Hatch were flooded by heavy storm surges and flooding. Aftershocks from

Idalia was felt throughout the state as the storm descended on the Gulf Coast, with strong winds of up to 12 feet reported in parts of Florida. Idalia’s intensity was reduced to Level 1 as it made its way through the state into Georgia on Wednesday afternoon.

We emailed the Horseshoe Beach Fire Department, the Dixie County Sheriff’s Office, and the National Weather Service on Wednesday night for comments.

A video shared on social media shows that storm Idalian quickly blew up and destroyed the building, washing it with white waters and then turning it into rubble.

National Weather Service warns Chiefs of Staff Alex Tardy said in an email on Wednesday night that the storm was severe and escalating when Idalia made landfall.

A storm surge is the formation of water waves created by the wind associated with the storm, so the stronger and more persistent the weather, the louder the storm.

Dixie County has reopened its beach communities to residents with identification or proof of residence. Many major roads have also reopened to reopen, but authorities advise caution when traveling.” Rescuers, the State Fire Department, the Florida Forest Service, and the county highway department worked together to clear the way so authorities could investigate the area.

“We also have a lot of workers working hand in hand with the public service to clear inner-city roads.” “These workers are working quickly and efficiently because not only are they reducing felled trees, but they are also removing power lines. There is now also travel. Allowed on all highways: We 19 Hwy, NE 351 Hwy, Ne 349 Hwy, Ne 340 Hwy, and Hwy 55a.”

more information coming soon on Hurricane Idalia Storm Live Updates.

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