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Category 1 storm -Hilary Live Updates

The National Weather Service said tens of millions of people were under hurricane warnings as Hurricane Hillary made its way into Southern California. 

 Experts warned of “life-threatening” floods in areas with low rainfall and said strong winds could topple trees and power lines. 

 California Government Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency on Saturday ahead of the expected landing of Hillary Clinton late today.

 Storm is expected to go down in history as the first hurricane to hit Southern California in 84 years.

 Hillary was hit by heavy rain and flooding in parts of Southern California on Sunday, flooding roads, leaving cars and causing landslides, closing some states, and causing emergencies in many areas.   Hillary was the first hurricane to hit California in 26 years.   Palm Springs saw half of its precipitation in just a few hours, strong winds reached 134 km/h, and residents in many areas were told to stay home.

Threats through Monday and Continue. 

Hillary’s remnants will continue to move north and east on Monday, eventually causing waves from the east to disappear. The skies will be mostly clear north of the Mexican border as Hillary traverses the Rocky Mountains from a strong high-pressure dome in the central and eastern parts of the country.   

From Southern California to Montana, the flood will last for about a day as rain flows over the mountains into streams, rivers, and urban waterways. In some places, Monday’s floods could be worse than normal rainfall as water flows from higher altitudes. Travel conditions are expected to be difficult in the southwest and the potential for power outages remains.

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Dozens of locations in Southern California have so far seen high winds of over 40 miles per hour. These include:

– Big Black Mountain, San Diego County 134 mph.

– 78 miles at Hauser Mountain, again in San Diego County.

– 65 miles from San Diego Peak in the Santa Ana Mountains.

– San Gorgonio Pass is 84 miles between Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Hundreds of flights canceled.

Air travel has been impacted by Hillary, especially in the west. According to FlightAware, more than 1,000 domestic flights have been canceled since Sunday night, nearly all of them in and out of the Wes.

Another 4,700 flights to and from the US were delayed, with destinations such as Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Diego hardest hit.

Hilary Live Updates

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