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2 Leaders of China’s elite nuclear force have been replaced by China President Xi Jinping, The leader of the Rocket Force Unit, Commander Li Yuchao, and his commander have been “away” for several months.

Wang Houbin, former chief of the navy, and Xu Xisheng, member of the Central Committee of the People’s Republic of China, were on duty.

This is the biggest change in Beijing’s military leadership in nearly a decade.

Asia Society Policy Institute foreign policy and national security chief Lyle Morris said: “The final pullback is important … because China is experiencing the biggest shift in its nuclear strategy in decades.”

China President Xi Jinping has unprecedentedly solidified control of the PLA, but that doesn’t mean he has succeeded. Xi is also concerned about corruption in the ranks and the fact that justice has never been done for the party.” said.

Xi Jinping is also the chairman of the Central Military Commission, China’s highest military body. According to Chinese state media, Xi Jinping said at a news conference last month that efforts should focus on solving “critical issues such as control of the organization of military leadership through party organizations at all levels.”

Mr. Wang and Mr. Xu‘s new appointments were made on the eve of August 1, the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Mr. Morris said that Prime Minister Li’s downfall, including the recent replacement of former foreign minister Qin Gang, presented Xi with one of his biggest leadership challenges in recent years.

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