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Taylor Swift is back again in 1989. The latest in a series of “Taylor’s Version” re-records, it released three #1 singles – “Shake It Off”, “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” – and fan favorites “Out of. Woods” and “Clean.”

Taylor Swift announced that “1989” (Taylor Edition) will release on October 27, 2023 – nine years since the first was released in October 2014, it has been released in theaters on Wednesday, the 27th. during the last American Music Festival.

The south leg of the Eras tour took place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

“You may have seen new clothes at the fashion show… I’ve been doing something very embarrassing for a long time, doing something very embarrassing. I wanted to show it instead of telling you. You show it,” she said. Turning to the screen behind her, the “1989” (Taylor Edition) cover appeared, and against the bird-filled blue sky, Swift smiled, echoing the original 1989 cover as she made her all-new version.
Before the show, Swift performed in a never-before-seen blue dress, including the one she wore to her performance of “Enchanted.” wears on music. A cobalt blue shirt hinted at the news.

Taylor Swift also said that 1989 would set a new record in the “I See You” video for “Speak Now” (Taylor Edition) released July 7. At the end of the view, a sign on the bridge reads “1’9” 9.9 TV. She also sang “I Know the Place” as a surprise song on Tuesday night.

The singer has also previously shared “Taylor versions” of 1989’s “The Love” and “Wildest Dreams” – the first being “The Summer I Change Beautiful” and the last one to be released in May 2022 after appearing here. The song will be released in May 2022 after going viral on TikTok. September 2021.

Taylor Swift re-recording songs from her catalog published on Big Machine Records in 2019 when former Big Machine Records owner Scott Borchetta sold the company to executive music Scooter Braun, Author who also directed Justin Bieber,

Ariana Grande. and J. Balvin. Swift told CBS News that year that her relationship with Braun was strained and that she wanted to re-record her music so she could retain ownership. She has so far released “Taylor Edition” versions of “Fearless”, “Red” and “Say Now”, all of which have peaked at #1. 

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