Michigan air show

Thousands of spectators, including children, watched in horror as an old Russian warplane crashed at a Michigan air show on Sunday afternoon.

Just after 4 pm, the two people on the plane fled before the crash at a Michigan air show, but when the plane landed it burst into flames and crashed into a car, narrowly missing the house in the town of Van Buren, but nobody was there. wounded. Firefighters extinguished the flames as quickly as possible.

The plane was flying during the Yankee Aviation Museum’s air show over Michigan at Willow Ren Airport near Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, a suburb of Detroit.

The former Soviet (now Russian) MiG-23 aircraft was maneuvering from the air. It was not immediately clear what caused the two people on board to be thrown and the plane crashed. 

“The pilot and passenger were ejected from the plane before the crash,” said Randy Wimbley, spokesperson for the Wayne County Airport Authority.

“As they were not found to be seriously injured, emergency workers rushed to a nearby hospital as a precaution.”

The pilot (identified as Dan Filer in the show) and the crew below can be seen jumping, deploying, and easily returning to the ground. In some media reports, the two were said to be in stable condition after being rescued during Michigan air show.

Plane crashed video in Michigan Air Show

Wembley said the plane crashed into a parking lot at the Lake Waverley apartment complex and crashed into an unmanned vehicle, but “no one was injured in the apartment complex or at the airport.”

Sunday’s crash followed two fatal crashes during a concert in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, last month.
A helicopter collided with a rotorcraft in mid-air, killing two and injuring two. Earlier today, a single plane crashed into nearby Lake Winnebago, killing two. 

On Sunday, they posted videos of the accident on social media, including witnesses who were not on the general stage but were close enough to see it. They described a loud noise, followed by black smoke coming from the south side of the airport.

From the scene, Matthew Gerick watched the couple take off before the plane hit the ground.
“So we’re just going to watch this happen?” said after the accident. “I was sitting on Baker Road and watching the plane go down Interstate 94, the plane was descending. Then my wife and I saw black smoke, so we went to watch the crash on Interstate 94 and the plane landing immediately.” Go home. “

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