Ned Fulmer

Former Try Guys member Ned Fulmer was photographed with his wife Ariel nearly a year after rumors of an affair with a colleague prompted him to leave the popular YouTube group.

The former Try Guys member Ned Fulmer and his wife of 11 years were spotted on the Los Angeles leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour on August 5. On August 6, Ned’s sister, Grace Fulmer, shared a photo of the two of them together on her Instagram account as part of their concert backstage story. 

In the photo, which Grace calls “after,” Ned and Ariel held hands behind Grace and a fourth member as the group left the stadium.After news broke about an affair he had with a colleague, Ned abruptly left the popular YouTube group he helped found.

Try Guys co-founders Keith Habersberger began offering a statement after Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang in September 2022 when rumors of Ned “not working with Try Guys” surfaced on social media and photos of Ned with his team surfaced. 

The group said, “internal review” does not allow “to move forward together”.


QsTry Guys kicked Ned Fulmer out for what reason?

-People are starting to wonder if Ned wants to lead the people or if the group will break down completely. However, the events took everyone by surprise when the news that Ned had been unfaithful to his wife Ariel came to light.

Qs-How did Ned get caught lying? 

-Fulmer was photographed kissing producer Herring at a New York City club and was sent to Herring’s fiancee, Will Pom. Will Thayer, Fulmer’s love went public.

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