Japan vs Sweden

Japan vs Sweden

Japan head coach Totoshi Ikeda said his team would not be threatened by Scandinavians with a strong body.   “Of course, they’re high, but we’re ready,” he said. “Our players are ready for every match. We’ll be tight in the closings, tag their players and get everything done properly. Team showed the best performance in the game, Adjusting the strategies according to the opponent’s situation. Ikeda said there will be no change in the quarterfinals.   “For the first time in Sweden, we have to learn what they did to us. I think our players have seen that from the beginning,” he said.

Japan won all four games, scoring 14 goals and conceding just one goal in the football match, beating Norway 3-1.

Japan also benefited from New Zealand’s return game. After defeating Norway at Wellington, Japan made a short trip to Auckland. Sweden plays in Melbourne and has a new pitch to accommodate extra travel dates and quarter-finals.

Sweden Team

Sweden will rely on their experience and fitness to lead them to victory.

“It won’t be like our physical game against the United States. It will be smarter and faster,” Sweden coach Peter Gerhardsson told reporters.

“When we have the ball, we have to move fast and get the most out of our bodies

Gerhardsen said that none of the four players Sweden has played so far has been memorable for Japan.
However, when we look at the matches of Japan, we do not see any similarity between the countries and Sweden.

LIVE Updates: Japan vs Sweden

Japan has not found its rhythm in this tournament so far. However, after Tian caught the ball, they successfully counterattacked. She fled to Swedish territory and was taken by Andjdal.

The lawyer gives a free gift. Japan tried to practice by attacking from short range, but Sweden’s defender was careful and intercepted the ball. Sweden is good with the ball but has a hard time creating the truth.

The game is a bit messy, with no real controls. Now it’s Japan’s turn to threaten Sweden.

Shimizu had a nice ball from the right, rushed into the penalty area, and crossed the ball before it went out.

The cross was too high for Sugita but found Miyazawa on the back post and despite not having good control of the ball, the next shot was fine for Sweden. Sweden’s talented and media-savvy player Zecira Musovic makes a name for herself with her performance in America’s last 16 games, despite not having much to show against Japan. Sweden started the second half just as they did in the first half, with more possession.

No change at halftime.

Another great save from Yamashita. Kaneryd’s shot from the corner of the penalty area looked like it would fly into the upper corner, but the Japanese goalkeeper made a great save.

This is to protect the homeland!

Japan 1-2 Sweden

Sweden Won

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