Carlee Russell

Carlee Russell, an Alabama woman who went missing after seeing a child walking down a state highway earlier this month, confirmed to police on Monday that she had not been abducted and that no child had been walking alone on the road two days before she disappeared.

Carlee Russell’s crime culminated in a nearly two-week saga with more questions than answers, in a statement released by his attorney Emory Anthony and sent to Hoover Sheriff Nick Dezies early Monday.

In a short meeting Monday afternoon, Delzies read Carlee Russell’s apology.

“My client apologizes to the community, the volunteers who sought him, the Hoover Police and other agencies, and his friends and family for his behavior,” wrote Anthony. “We ask for your prayers for Carly as she grapples with her problems.

Derzis added that the agency “knew it was a lie” when the facts came to light last week, adding that he would discuss the charges with the city’s attorney’s office on Tuesday. Simmons told. “Think about your health. She doesn’t deserve this. he doesn’t know No one should be cyberbullied.

But for many, there are more questions. We still don’t know the 49 hours, where he is, if he received help.”

The Metropolitan Alabama Crime Unit announced Monday that more than $63,000 donated to aid Russell’s investigation will not be returned to donors. In addition, the Hoover Police Department has not requested the release or return of donations from any donors.”

But advocates for missing black women say the public deserves an explanation.

“I’m glad Carly admitted that the kidnapping was a lie. I know many people still want to know why they did it, but now that we know it’s a lie, I hope we can all start supporting Carly’s support for truly missing black women and girls,” Korver said.

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