Tom Brady & Irina Shayk

Tom Brady & Irina Shayk

We can debunk the Kim K / Brady rumors. That was fun for a minute, but it’s time for the next phase of Tom Brady’s relationship-wise comeback.

The two were rumored to have spoken at the wedding, and Bradley Cooper’s ex is reportedly dating a seven-time Super Bowl champion.

We have posted photos and videos of the couple spending a lot of time in Los Angeles, including a sleepover at their home, and reports that the two are indeed dating. The outlet also reported that Gisele was not happy!

Are a Tom Brady & Irina Shayk new power couple?

 There are natural winners and natural losers. That’s how the world works. If you don’t know where Brady is, he’s a winner. The man who is the best quarterback in football history with seven rings is married, single, and ready to date Gisele, who has previously dated Bridget Moina. This intervention reportedly includes history with one of the most famous patterns in the history of the game. Tom Brady went from one supermodel to another.

Now, we need to be open and honest here. It is not known how serious the two are in their relationship. We have recently reported that they are close to getting married and are dating. According to the American philosopher Donald Rumsfeld, this is what we know. But there are unknown unknowns that we do not know.

There are so many unknowns here and maybe some of them don’t know about this relationship? Some fun? We just don’t know.

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