The jury validated the 2014 handwriting found in her chair – Aretha Franklin case:

The discovery of the handwriting is valid in Michigan, a major challenge in the debate that has caused her sons to quarrel with each other. Lawyers
was a triumph for Kecalf Franklin and Edward Franklin, who argued that the 2014 document should have preceded the home of one of the Detroit suburban singers at the time.

The jury rendered its verdict less than an hour after the brief hearing began on Monday. After the verdict was read, Aretha Franklin’s grandchildren showed up in the front row to hug Kekaf and Edward.

“I am very happy.
I just want my mother’s heart to be respected,” said Kekaf Franklin. “We just want to breathe right now. It’s been a long five years for my family and my children.

Aretha Franklin, who died five years ago at the age of 76, left no written record. However, both the documents were written illegally, which happened to the young girl at home in 2019 while searching for documents.
In his closing remarks, attorneys for Franklin’s two sons said there was no legal basis for finding the information written in the notebook on Franklin’s couch. It’s not important. . . .
You can put your passion on the kitchen counter. Before the jury started deliberating, Charles McKelvey said, “It’s your will anyway.” Kurt Olson noted that 2010 would close. He said it was more important than the documents on the table.
Franklin’s real estate manager paid the bills, repaid millions of dollars in taxes, and earned income from music royalties and other intellectual property. However, the conflict is not yet complete.

While there are differences between the 2010 and 2014 versions, they all seem to indicate that Franklin’s four sons will share the revenue from music and rights. But by 2014, Kecalf Franklin and her grandchildren will get their mother’s mansion in Bloomfield Hills, which was worth $1.1 million at the time of her death but is now more expensive.
The seniors said Kekaf, 53, and Edward Franklin, 64, “should have studied business and earned a diploma or degree” to take advantage of the property. There is no such rule in the 2014 version.

White, who plays guitar with Aretha Franklin, testified against him in 2014, saying his mother often “followed the law” and completed important documents with the help of a lawyer.

Franklin has been an international star for decades, especially with his famous songs such as “Thinking”, “I Said A Child” and “Respect”.

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