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An interactive series that has captivated audiences for years, “The View” pays homage to one of the most important designers and longtime designer Bill Geddie. Gerdy co-created the show with Barbara Walters, a platform that brought different perspectives and sparked controversy on national television. Bill Geddie’s death on July 20 left those who knew him behind, but his legacy will be treasured as an important part of 

The Watch. During the Memorial, beloved moderator Whoopi Goldberg and current and former team members commemorate their experiences with the late Bill Geddie. In addition to showing videos of his hilarious performances on the show, they spoke with genuine love and acceptance about his impact on their lives.

With her distinctive wit and wit, Goldberg opened the show by describing Gerdy as “68 years old, grumpy, and funny.” But beneath his cheerful exterior, Gerdy is a constant pillar of the show’s turbulent moments.
Former co-host Sherri Shepherd shares a personal anecdote from the controversy she faced early in her career on The View. In 2007, Sheppard’s comments about the world seemed very offensive. Despite opposition, Gerdy was supportive and realistic, with humor: “No!
That’s the rating baby!

Shepherd, 56, wrote on Instagram on Friday, July 21, with a photo of the two of them and a text message between them, “I am totally devastated by the death of @theviewabc creator #BillGeddie. Bill jumped at the opportunity to have #theview, an inexperienced stand-up comedian.”

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