Republican Presidential Primary Debate-2023

 Republican Presidential Primary Debate-2023-Since Donald Trump did not attend the first Republican presidential convention in 2024, eight (most) of his main candidates wore the same bright red that a president usually wears on Wednesday night.   Entrepreneur and primary candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, 38, was on stage for most of the mid-season night with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Ramaswamy argued with former South Carolina Governor Mike Pence about his experiences.

Nikki Haley on foreign policy with former New Jersey Governor. Discussions on Kasil Ramaswamy’s foreign policy. Chris Christie on Trump and more.   Ramaswamy, who has positioned himself as Trump’s defender and sometimes also served as the former president’s ambassador, withdrew temporarily on Wednesday night but will return on Thursday after his surrender to Stage Georgia County Penitentiary where Fulton faced off. election accusations

Live Republican Presidential Primary Debate-2023

The former president’s absence meant that many candidates who positioned themselves as critics of the former president were denied the opportunity to challenge him directly. Ramaswamy said Christie, who spent more time with the businessman than the former president, launched a “revenge and anger-based” campaign against Trump. Former Arkansas Governor.

Asa Hutchinson argued for a long time but was not accepted.   By the way, the Governor of North Dakota. For Doug Burgum, Wednesday’s most important improvement was his ability to participate in the discussion. Bergum was rushed to an emergency room in Milwaukee on Tuesday after suffering an Achilles tendon rupture.

Republican Presidential Primary Debate-2023, Who win, Who Lose?

Natalie Allison: He’s taken all the blows – almost all of them actually – but Vivek Ramaswamy got everything he wanted from tonight: attention and time The party-supporting establishment wants to oust him. If you’re a Republican and haven’t seen videos of Ramaswamy on social media or on TV, you’ll find out who he is tonight. The fact that all the knives were taken from him shows that the other contestants saw him not just as a troublemaker, but as a threat as he tried to break their own knives.

Sally Goldenberg: Struggling to get out of this situation and criticized by Tucker Carlson in a one-on-one interview this summer, Pence had more than just his animosity with Ramaswamy. He made a name for himself by outlining his foreign policy stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, drawing attention to traditional conservatives.

He reminded viewers of the Christian faith, quoted the Bible, and urged anti-abortion groups to support the government’s ban. In the end, his move to present evidence for the 2020 elections won the support of almost all the opposition on the scene, but his decision over time provoked great anger.

Steven Shepard:  DeSantis had the best night, given the prospect of not performing well in the tournament. He was able to express his stance on important issues related to his election. He did not face the wrath of others on stage like Ramaswamy.   

Although conservatives are trying to pick a fight between some candidates and DeSantis, they are often reluctant to challenge Florida’s governor, as he is the most popular candidate on the scene.   didn’t fix all of DeSantis’ problems on Wednesday night. But if he can finally stand up, that will be a big reason.   

Look, Ramaswami is a source of attention, and maybe attention is good. But her coffee consumption and level is different from the others, and whether Pence called her a “rookie” or Haley beat her in Ukraine, the candidates who followed her did something too.

Adam Wren: Pence had a good night. He seems to have overcome what is considered his biggest weakness: his behavior on January 6. Christie, Scott, and DeSantis all sided with Pence, and that’s what he did that day. DeSantis tried to dodge the question, but Pence trusted him. “There can be no greater responsibility than this,” said Pence, and he said, “So answer the question.” He’s struggling in the election but expects his campaign to struggle for months to get the big picture.

Ramaswamy is being targeted at Republican Presidential Primary Debate-2023

Because Trump did not participate in Wednesday’s debate, most of the debate participants did not focus on DeSantis South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, or a candidate who has served in the election. This new government is Ramaswamy. Pence’s first criticism of the Ohio businessman: “Vivek, you just said the president can’t do everything.

Well, I have news for you, Vivek. I was on my way. The West Wing was where I went. The President of the United States must face every crisis America faces.   This led to a quarrel and a small argument between the two contestants. Chris Christie compared Ramaswamy’s answer to ChatGPT’s answer. Christie then used Ramaswamy’s rhetorical question to ask what a little-known man with a funny name was trying to do during the debate; it was a joke Christie made very loud.

As the old Barack Obama’s stump, he was perhaps “a skinny man with a funny name.” He replied, “We don’t have a personal problem, Vivek. We are not looking for a new country.  Pence also compared his background to Ramaswamy: “I have news for you, Vivek. I’ve been down the corridor and to the West. The President of the United States has to face every crisis America faces.”

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