Manipur Violence

What Happened in Manipur?

Manipur Violence-Two women being forced to walk naked by gangs in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur sparked outrage after it went viral on social media, causing India Prime Minister Narendra Modi to break his silence on the month-long conflict that has divided India. A video describing the incident on May 4 went viral, but police made no arrests until the video was posted online this week, according to the Indigenous Leaders Forum (ITLF).

Manipur police called the incident “abduction, terrorist act and murder” on Twitter on Wednesday.

Authorities said on Thursday that four people were arrested and clashed with police. Authorities are questioning more than three dozen men in connection with the sexual assaults, Reuters reported.

Women were seen being violent and sexually assaulted when surrounded by a group of men, most of whom were armed with long sticks or sticks.

Shocking images come more than two months after the event; Racist violence in Manipur led to a statewide curfew on May 3. Speaking for the first time about the situation in the state on Thursday, Modi said: “My heart is filled with sadness and anger. The situation in Manipur is embarrassing for all communities.

“What happened to the Manipur girl is unforgivable,” Modi continued, “the law will do its best.

Women from a human rights group in Manipur state set fire to the main suspect’s home on Thursday after the video drew condemnation from all corners of Indian society.

Where is Humanity?

As the protests sparked anger, the Supreme Court of India on Thursday asked the federal government and the Manipur state government to “take urgent steps … to hold the perpetrators accountable” and “to ensure that such incidents do not happen again”.

The court said, “The use of women as a tool of violence in the political system is unacceptable.”

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh condemned on Manipur Violence, calling it a “This crime against humanity”. Singh told reporters in the provincial capital, Imphal, that the Manipur state government led by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party will not tolerate crimes against “our women and our sisters” and that the perpetrators will receive the harshest punishment.

“When it comes down to the court to decide the punishment, let the government, its institutions, and the people of Manipur work together to give the criminals today’s highest sentence, namely the death penalty,” he said. ITLF released a statement Wednesday, writing: “A video that went viral today shows a large Meitei terrorist group taking two Kuki-Zo women naked to a farm to become gang members.”
The letter also stated that “an unfortunate situation” had occurred in B. Phainom, while the men and women continued to the Kangpokpi area. Manipur has been grappling with violence that has killed more than 100 people and displaced thousands in recent months.

On May 3, clashes broke out in the provincial capital, Imphal, when thousands of students, mostly from the Kuki tribe, attended a meeting targeting the Metai community, which had requested special status for the tribe. Among other things, the committee will allow Metai to buy land and give the government more time.

Where is Manipur in India?

In the east of India, there is a state called Manipur in northeastern India. It borders Nagaland, Mizoram, and Assam to the north, south, and west. Manipur borders Myanmar to the east. The capital, Imphal, is  the political and administrative center of the state. Nestled among beautiful hills and lush valleys, Manipur has a rich heritage and is home to a diverse community. Its unique geography and history add to its appeal as a tourist destination. The state has Northeast India’s best combination of culture, festivals, and crafts. Manipur’s beautiful scenery, hospitable people, and unique culture make it an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world.

Current Situation on Manipur Violence

Police said a seventh suspect has been arrested in Manipur state in connection with the internet posting of a horrific video showing two women being attacked naked by terrorists. The suspect was arrested in the Tubal district on Monday. The video of the two women was widely condemned. A tribe in Manipur claimed that two women were abducted in a field. The Indigenous Leaders Forum (ITLF) confirmed that the incident occurred on May 4 in the Kangpokpi area, 35 kilometers from the provincial capital Imphal.

However, although the Initial Disclosure Report (FIR) was filed in Kangpokpi, police said the incident occurred in a different area. Police made the first arrest on Thursday, July 20, the day after a 26-second video of the incident was posted online. Later that day, three more people were arrested. Police said the fifth suspect arrested on Saturday was 19 years old, and the sixth suspect in custody was a child.

The “Manipur Violence” occurred one day after the violence between the Metai and Kuki tribes in Manipur when the Metai tribe claimed ST. Clashes in Manipur have shaken education in the monsoon session of parliament. A group of opposition lawmakers held a sit-in in front of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in the Parliament Building to demand that the government allow a debate on racism in the state.

Opposition leaders have demanded a free and unrestricted discussion on the Manipur issue since the start of the monsoon season on Thursday, with no time limit. Listen to the latest songs only on
Rajyawan President Mallikarjun Kharge said, “Our request is for the president to come to the House of Representatives and make a statement. We hope “Manipur Violence” will settle down soon and victim will get Justic soon.

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