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UFO hearing – Updates

Pentagon whistleblowers report allegations of alien technology violating the law of the body and attacks by the military on those who expressed such views at Wednesday’s Council House Control Meeting.

Three witnesses attended the trial: former intelligence chief and diplomat David Grusch said last month that the United States’ foreign equipment was “finished and half done”; former Navy chief David Fravor reportedly saw a flying UFO during a mission in 2004; Ryan Graves says he sees blurry at the beach every day. Mr. Grush confirmed that someone was injured while reverse-engineering the UFO, but said he could not explain how, adding that non-human “artifacts” had been seen along with the ancient stuff.

At one point MP Tim Burchett asked Mr. Grusch if anyone had been “killed” because of the government’s cover-up. Referring to the investigation about whether he was penalized for broadcasting, he replied, “I must be careful when asking this question.” I will direct those who know about these events to the relevant authorities,” he said.

Do Aliens and UFOs really exist?

People have always been fascinated by the possibility of alien life. Ever since we realized that alien life on Mars and other nearby planets is different from other points of light in the dark sky, people have thought about life. Today, we still don’t know the answer to the question, are we alone in the world, while our technological capabilities allow us to study these planets closely, and even to see (and listen to) planets around other stars. 

The absence of evidence of life beyond Earth does not mean that we do not know what might or should be there. The more we learn about the universe, from the planets and moons in our solar system to the wider universe, the more we expect alien life to exist on Earth.

Most people believe in aliens, but this belief is mostly based on movies and UFO claims. But science offers insight that we are not alone in the universe, and it may answer some of the biggest questions people can ask about how life in general exists in the universe.

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