The USA women’s national team showcased some of the best moments in front of the biggest audience in women’s soccer on the world’s biggest stage. World Cup final. Olympic gold medal games. The team has won most of these games over the years with a long list of memorable dates.

Yet on tuesday, on a cold night deep in New Zealand’s winter, the American will hardly forget the day. The result is not entirely wrong the american athletes were heartbroken by the 0-0 draw with Portugal, a result that made them confident but nervous as they entered the tournament. Women’s football.

USA vs. Portugal Score

A game where the USA fails to score, is split in half, and then in the second half of the period Portugal’s shot hits the post and is sent off, would be disastrous.

Near miss, perhaps the epitome of the balance of the night, a game in which the four-time World Cup champion USA came to a shock – and for them it had never been before the team came out.

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